We all love u Ryan

Ryan Robert Hart

June 26, 1979 - June 28, 2004
A fund has been set up in Ryan Hart's name through US Bank, for Mariah. You can go to any US Bank location and make a donation after Wednesday, July 7th. Just simply let the teller know that you would like to contribute to a fund set up under Ryan Hart's name, they will be able to access the file from there. Thank you! If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Colleen Heffelfinger (Pam's friend) @ 503-680-4860
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Ryan Robert Hart
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Jason Lyman

Posted: 15th Jul 2004
Best Friends

You were a brother to me and I want to thank you for all of the great memories that you have given me. I have so many, like you spilling cereal on yourself when we were five because you could not sit still long enough(ADHD), or the day that you told me you were going to be a dad. I remember how excited you were, and how excited I was for you. Also, I want you to know that I will always be there for Mariah. I was so honored when you asked me to be Mariah's godfather. I promise that I will not let you down, I will always be there for her and tell her stories about what a great daddy she had.

I want to thank you for all of your encouragement over the last few years, it has helped me more than you will ever know.

I know that I will see you again...but until that day, rest in peace.

Much LUV

Jason Lyman

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Ryan Beck

Posted: 14th Jul 2004
Bubba Gump
What can i say to a man who says it all. Every time we were together we had a smile on our face and a laugh coming out of our belly. I remember vividly the day when you brought your daughter Mariah with you girl Miranda to the baseball game. We walked down the street to PGE Park from Boni's apartment and you were the proudest father i have ever seen. I wish beautiful days like that could last forever. Sunshine, laughter, family, friends and a smile on our face, what more could we ask for. I will never forget the dys we spen together. How could we know how short our time together would be. I will never forget how full of life you were, your spirit was an inspiriation to eaveryone who met you. I miss you Ryan and i can't beleive you are gone. I hope that I live my life with the same passion you lived yours. One Luv.


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Tracy Jay Fortman

Posted: 14th Jul 2004
Do you remember...?
Sadly, it's been a long time since I've seen Ryan. I wish I could have looked at him face to face, to see into his eyes one more time, before he left on his journey. The memories will live on, and I will never forget his place in my heart.

Ryan and I were friends in our younger days, living right across the street from each other. We laughed, we played, we enjoyed the freedoms of the frivilous youth. He was always an energetic person, for as long as I knew him. He rarely skipped a beat and always liked to be a part of the action, though that sometimes proved to be more than he bargained for. We had our good moments and bad, but when it comes down to it he was a good friend to have.

When I heard of Ryan's passing, a great sadness filled my heart. I remember that feeling well, for it was almost identical to when his mother passed away a few years ago. Their absence leaves a sort of emptiness inside, but I try and fill that space with fond memories of two wonderful people that will always be a part of me. They left us too soon, but we can take comfort in knowing that perhaps they're reunited in a better place.

The friendship and love we shared,
Is strengthened with each day.
You'll always be a part of me,
Until forever, come what may.
Good journey to the both of you,
May you find happiness on your way...

-T. J. F.

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jeremy sunderland

Posted: 13th Jul 2004
much love
what do you say to the guy never had a loss for words. so many days of mine were spent next to you just clownin at work. you truly made it tolerable to be at bally's. favorite memory has to be us smiling from ear to ear on our way to 10,000 feet in the air to jump out of a perfectly good airplane . I'l really miss you

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Posted: 12th Jul 2004
good deeds
ryan did alot of nice things for me over the years that he and Miranda were together.I was always calling her and saying ask Ryan what he thinks or ask Ryan what time the Ducks games is on.The night before Mariah was born I was taking Miranda home and had a flat tire.Ryan had a milion things to do but took the time to change my tire.He came over and put my Christmas tree up when my attempts left the tree crashing to the floor.He picked me up every morning and drove me to work in the Tahoe when we had the ice storm and brought me home each evening.Seeing what a good father Ryan was to my grandaughter was so heartwarming.I am so happy Mariah is part of such a wonderful family.

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Posted: 12th Jul 2004
2nd oldest cousin/dads side
Ryan, You surely will be missed but yet your warm smiles and memories will forever live on forever. So, ryan while you\\\'re in the hands of our heavenly father,please say hello to my godmother(sue). I truely believe you two made an impact on many lives especially on mine because you guys always knew how to put a smile on my face.I remember when we were younger, I use to think what could my 2nd youngest cousin teach about life I\\\'m older& that should count for something but,yet it ended up the other way, espcially when we use to have those family get togethers..(I was the only girl intill summer was born) But ryan made it loud and clear family is family and we all should be the ones to put a smile on each other faces.He lived the legecy of his mother and father that is all that matters. Ryan I love you and miss you ,And I\\\'m sorry i never said it enough either...

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Zack Ostrom

Posted: 9th Jul 2004
Guestbook Entry
Growing up with you on 156th was great. All of the block parties, and holiday\'s we all spent together as a big \"family\" is missed. After you moved away, I never really saw you again, except the occasional time at a stop light. You\'ll be missed greatly and everyday I think about those great times we had growing up. Tell your mom hello, and WE ALL miss you both.
Zack Ostrom (former neighbor)

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Kristy Lindahl

Posted: 8th Jul 2004
Neighborhood friend
It is so hard to think of what to say... we grew up together...just one house away, so many good memories of the time we all spent together on 156th, we were that one-of-a-kind street, truly blessed...now youve accepted god and are in a perfect place with the most wonderful woman, your mom, we love you and will miss you both, and someday we will all be together again!!! God Bless!

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Pam & Bill Quinn

Posted: 8th Jul 2004
your truely home now
RyanI feel bad that I can't remember you. My daughter Jackie and Summer are the best of friends. Jackie says that you stopped by here at the house once or twice. I don't know if you knew or not, but we once took Summer in, to live with us, Years ago after your Momma passed. We would have long conversations about your Mom, and I remember crying with her. What a loss for you kids. You are with your Momma now I am sure. And Summer, her baby, your baby and Momma, and the rest of the family, will live on with you in there hearts. We can all use one more Angel to look over us, and I am sure that they are glad that You are one of the Special Angels watching over them. GOD speed.

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Bunnie Haney

Posted: 8th Jul 2004
A childhood friend
I have not seen you for years and my memories were of you as a child. You were my brother\'s (Cameron) best friend. I remember he couldn\'t wait to get home from school to go play at your house. I won\'t tell anyone you were hiding in the bushes when he got beat up by Robby Scott. But after his little \"accident\", you were the friend who walked him home. I remember you guys riding bikes together, playing in the field at the end of our street now know as Summer Place, swimming in our pool, just hanging out being the best of pals. You were and always will be one of The Boys! My only regret is that I wasn\'t around to watch you grow into Fatherhood. It kills me to the see hurt and tears in my brother\'s eyes for you. But Cam believes you are where you truley want to be, with your mother. I am so proud of him for his participation in your ceremony. I was just afraid Adam was going to throw up. But all The Boys stepped up to plate yesterday, each of them shed tears, and they all did it because they love you so much. And all the people that came to see you off, that alone shows the greatness you shared with everyone whom you came in contact with. Enjoy your new beginings. You are loved, you are missed. The hurt will fade but the memories never will.

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